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ASC Episode 12: Andrew Durniat on being a great trainer, taking on new challenges, and authenticity

Fun and inspiring conversation with long time friend and elite strength coach Andrew Durniat. Here are some of the highlights from the discussion

  • Why your personal example is your best marketing tool as a trainer
  • Why training others is an art just as much as it is a science
  • People are always watching what you’re doing more than what you’re saying
  • Why being the strongest person at your gym is not a good thing and can impede progress
  • How to use social media effectively to build your business and attract people you want to know
  • Why Andrew can tell your future by what your close friends are doing
  • What appealed to Andrew about ultramarathon training and why he switched from pure strength training to high-level endurance training.
  • Why leading from the front is always essential and never stops
  • The importance of authenticity

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