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ASC Episode 13: Strength training discussion with MMA fighter Tom Lawlor

UFC veteran and current PFL fighter Tom and I had a fantastic conversation on strength training, MMA, using social media, and kettlebell training.

  • What inspired Tom to want to train to be an MMA fighter
  • The ups and downs of UFC career and why he ultimately moved on
  • Where Tom is fighting now and what he wants to achieve at his last fight in 2021
  • Tom’s experience with the Westside training system and why it is misunderstood
  • The benefits of the Conjugate Method and utilizing similar but different exercises.
  • The benefits of the Snatch grip deadlift
  • What Tom experienced after working on the Jefferson deadlift
  • Why Tom utilized deficit deadlifts
  • Why Tom is a big fan of kettlebell training, in particular, the kettlebell snatch and TGU
  • What Tom plans to get into after his last MMA fight

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