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ASC Episode 15: Dr. Nick Delgado on cortisol, sex hormones, and estrogen dominance

Dr. Nick Delgado is one of the best hormone optimization experts around and a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, training, and performance. He has been plant-based for over forty years and embodies all of the information he professes with his incredible levels of fitness, health, and energy. Here are some of the things we discussed:

  • The importance of optimal levels of cortisol and why depleted levels are disastrous.
  • Why adrenal issues are so pervasive and what can be done
  • Why adrenal health is crucial for having an optimally functioning immune system.
  • Why oils are problematic especially when consumed at high volumes.
  • The importance of optimal hormone levels fo the immune system
  • The negative consequences of fear-based media and what you can do.
  • Why so many men don’t please women sexually and what they need to work on
  • The importance of a high sex drive for overall health and vitality
  • The impact of the subconscious mind on our well being and how to utilize it positively to feel better and achieve more.

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