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ASC Episode 18: Powerlifting competitor Lil Bianchi Kimble on the impact of training on her life

Lil is one badass lady and she can deadlift 3.5 times her bodyweight! If you want to be strong, you need to pay attention to her and if you aspire to compete in powerlifting, contact her about her personalized program design services. Here are some of the talking points from the conversation.

  • The importance of optimal Vitamin D levels for keeping the immune system strong from protection from COVID.
  • Why Lil has to have a laser-like focus on her training for the most precise outcome.
  • The lessons Lil has learned from competing in powerlifting that has carried over to all areas of her life. –
  • How Lil and her husband had to adjust their business model dramatically to move forward with the pandemic in full effect.
  • Why the unwarranted fear of getting too big too easily is absurd for both men and women.
  • Why Lil only designs programs for competitive powerlifters.
  • The importance of focusing on a precise demographic instead of trying to appeal to everyone.


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