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ASC Episode 19: Sumana Dutta Burman on the challenges of being a fitness professional in India

What a pleasure to talk to my friend Sumana Dutta Burman. Sumana is a fitness professional based in India and got into the industry fourteen years ago when there was barely a fitness industry at all in India. Here are some of the things we discussed

  • How Sumana got into fitness and the challenges she faced culturally when she decided to become a fitness professional.
  • Why you need to have the courage to pursue a career that speaks to your heart regardless of what other well-meaning people have to say.
  • Mike discusses the early days of the modern kettlebell movement and why people thought he was crazy to pursue a career as a kettlebell instructor back in 2002.
  • The immense growth of the fitness industry in India over the last decade
  • Why being unhealthy and unfit is useful for a fitness professional to understand the needs of others. –
  • Mike on the difference between biochemical depression and regular depression which is really circumstantial sadness.
  • Why too many wait until it is too late to offer help to friends and family suffering from depression.
  • The negative impact of inauthenticity on social media and the illusion of trying to be perfect all of the time.
  • Comprehensive hormone optimization and why it is much more than increasing testosterone and lowering estrogen.

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