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ASC Episode 2: Elite strength coach Scott Shetler on super squats, Louie Simmons, and getting in the door

This is a new series I will be doing in addition to the Life Life Aggressively podcast that I do with Sincere Hogan. For more info on the LLA show go to

In this episode, Scott and I discuss the following:

  • The benefits of the classic Super Squats program and how it has been bastardized.
  • Tips for breaking into the Super Squats program and why most don’t stay on it for more than six weeks
  • The mistake that many novice trainers make when they first get into the business.
  • Mike shares some behind the scenes stories from his early days with the Dragondoor organization
  • The perilous attitude of self-rejection and why it is a serious impediment to success.
  • Marketing scams targeted towards trainers
  • What motivated Scott to switch to a plant-based diet and his advice for others who want to make the transition.
  • Is the Eco-Atkins diet a viable option for vegans

For more info on Scott visit his blog at

Scott’s website

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