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ASC Episode 20: Elite strength coach and power lifter Tobi Alder on effective strength training

Tobi Alder is a very strong young man! He has deadlifted over 750lbs for reps with jeans on which says it all. In addition, he is a highly intelligent strength coach and is the master of designing effective powerlifting and strength training regimens. Here are some of the discussion points from the conversation.

  • How Tobi got into strength training as a teenager and worked up to 750lbs in his 20s!
  • Was Tobi strong coming out of the gate or did he get pinned with 100lbs on the bench press when he first started?
  • The pros and cons of the conventional deadlift and sumo deadlift.
  • Why lower body training should be prioritized for an overall strong physique instead of fixating on upper body exercises.
  • The benefits of high-frequency training and Tobi’s results with his own version of a very well known HFT program.
  • Are there training benefits of wearing masks while training?
  • Mike’s feedback on wearing a mask while training and how it impacted his recent deadlift PR.
  • The training Tobi has been focused on during the pandemic and not having access to weights.
  • Why cardio and daily walking should not be diminished and are integral components of a comprehensive health and fitness regimen.

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