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ASC Episode 21: Dr. Mark Gordon on the importance of DHEA, DHT, Finasteride negatives and much more

Leading hormone optimization expert Dr. Mark Gordon returns to discuss the following 

  • Why everyone should be taking zinc ionophores to protect against viruses
  • The best zinc ionophores on the market
  • The benefits of DHEA for the immune system
  • The benefits of Vitamin D for protection against COVID
  • The benefits of testosterone cream for women and the ideal delivery avenues
  • Thinking about using Propecia for hair loss or prostate issues? You may want to think again
  • The best way to use Clomid for a natural testosterone boost
  • What both testosterone and DHEA do to help with muscle-building *How to mitigate the negatives of alcohol consumption
  • Why Dr. Gordon’s energy supplements are so effective
  • An update on all the amazing work Dr. Gordon is doing to help soldiers with TBI and PTSD via
  • For more info on Dr. Gordon, go to