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ASC Episode 22: Shark Week’s Paul de Gelder on surviving a shark attack, peptides, and thriving

The Discovery channel’s Shark Week host Paul de Gelder is a very interesting guy with some crazy life experiences, to say the least. Here are some of the discussion points

  • The benefits of peptides for fat loss, workout recovery, growth hormone, and injuries
  • Which peptides Mike is using and what benefits he has experienced
  • How Paul went from being a rapper to a bartender to part of an elite military team
  • Surviving a shark attack and dealing with the aftermath
  • How he found a way to move forward and why exercise was a crucial component.
  • How Paul trains with different prosthetic tools based on the activity
  • Shark attack to hosting Shark week? How the hell did that happen
  • Paul on his fear of public speaking and how talking to kids got him over it
  • Why the carnivore diet is moronic and not sustainable.
  • How Paul got into Plant-based eating
  • Follow Paul on IG