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ASC Episode 24: Ori Hofmekler on the warrior diet, controlled fatigue training, and adversity

I have known Ori since 2002 and he has and continues to have a huge influence on how I look at nutrition and training. He is the author of the influential Warrior Diet and in my opinion, is the Godfather of the modern-day intermittent fasting world. Here are some of the talking points from the conversation

  • The origins of the Warrior Diet and when and where Mike first heard about it
  • Why being complacent and full is detrimental to your physical and mental health
  • Ori’s thoughts on the popularity of the Carnivore Diet
  • Ori’s asks Mike how he developed so much muscle and strength on a vegan diet
  • Why Mike adopted a plant-based diet and how he makes it work
  • Why protein intake is overstated and unnecessary and can even be counterproductive.
  • Mike’s experience with racial profiling 
  • The benefits of Controlled fatigue training.
  • Why it works and how Mike has benefited from using it recently. Follow Ori at