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ASC Episode # 3: Self protection expert Tim Larkin on police brutality, protests, and the pandemic

This is a new series I will be doing in addition to the Life Life Aggressively podcast that I do with Sincere Hogan. For more info on the LLA show go to

My guest on this episode is my good friend Tim Larkin. Tim is a self-defense expert and author of the NY Times bestseller “Surviving the unthinkable.”

Here are some of the highlights from the episode

  • What role the lockdown played in fueling the recent protests, looting, and rioting
  • Some of the reasons why abusive police officers are kept in play despite efforts to remove them.
  • How fragile civilization is and why you need to be prepared during serious periods of unrest
  • Why all people are capable of evil and why we all need to keep ourselves in check
  • Glassman’s recent twitter comments and how its effect on the CrossFit world
  • The dangers of cancel culture –The subtleties of racism and prejudicial thoughts
  • How Tim modified his business to adapt to the lockdown and why we should all take measures to fortify our businesses with a diversity of income streams.

For more information on Tim, check out his website at

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