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ASC Episode 4: World renown kettlebell expert Steve Cotter on Glassman, BJJ, Ayuhuasca

This is a new series I will be doing in addition to the Life Life Aggressively podcast that I do with Sincere Hogan. For more info on the LLA show go to

My guest on this episode is my long time friend Steve Cotter. Steve is a world-renown kettlebell instructor and fitness expert and I am sure just about everyone reading this knows who he is.

Here are some of the highlights from the conversation

  • Steve’s take on Glassman’s comments on Twitter and cancel culture
  • Why so many who engage in training are stimulus addicts using it as a distraction from deeper issues.
  • How Steve navigated his business through the pandemic –What Steve loves about BJJ and how it carries over to other areas of his life –
  • Steve gets into how we all have light and darkness and why we need to channel both
  • Why Mike used the interview method early in his career as a powerful networking vehicle
  • Mike on how he handles his bipolar depression
  • Steve’s experience with Ayahuasca, DMT, and “The toad”
  • Mike on how he has had many close but no cigar moments throughout his career
  • Mike and Steve talk about their experiences with the “GameChangers” movie.

For more info on Steve go to

Follow Steve on Instagram at… 

For more info on Steve go to Follow Steve on Instagram at…