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ASC Episode 6: Alan Levi on Charles Poliquin and following your bliss

The high-level UK based personal trainer Alan Levi is my guest and we had a great conversation and discussed the following

  • The immense influence Charles Poliquin had on both Alan and Mike
  • Why Alan prioritized stress management and building a strong immune system during the pandemic
  • How Alan battled Lyme disease successfully
  • The importance of having the courage to pursue what makes you happy
  • Why Mike got into optimizing hormones and the positive impact it has had on his life
  • The motivating power of optimizing hormones to improve every area of your life
  • The potential mechanism behind hydroxychloroquine to offer protection against viruses and natural alternatives that provide the same benefits.
  • Why many fall into self-rejection and never try to achieve anything of merit.
  • The negative influence of well-meaning people in your life and how it can hold you back 

For more info on Alan, follow him on IG at