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Episode 116: Former MMA Fighter Mac Danzig on behind the scenes with the UFC and his plant based diet

Mac Danzig is a retired pro MMA fighter, UFC vet, Ultimate Fighter season 6 winner, plant-based athlete, as well as avid photographer. Mac joins us to share a very candid and honest discussion about the truth about fighter salaries, fighter health insurance “benefits” in the UFC, why he is not a fan of the word “Vegan,” Plus, Mac weighs in on CM Punk, Brock Lesner, Daniel Cormier, the UFC’s double standards, the need for a fighter’s union, as well as the following:

  • What is life like for Mac Danzig, now that he has retired
  • What was the one thing that Mac dreaded most near the end of his career
  • How are the top fighters able to negotiate the biggest salaries
  • Mac weighs in on the good & bad aspects of the UFC as a business, CM Punk, Floyd Mayweather, & Brock Lesner
  • Mac discusses the double standard of the UFC, Jon Jones, Nick Diaz, & the unmentioned substance abuse culture among fighters
  • Mac describes the mental and emotional aspects of a fighter, after a loss & how coaches approach training after a loss
  • How important is it for sport psychologists to work with fighter and why may working with one may not be an option for most fighters
  • Mac shares the truth about the UFC and its claims to provide health insurance for its fighters
  • When is relocating next door to Tina Turner and smoking a big bowl of weed a good idea, in terms of health
  • Why is Mac “not” a fan of the word and title “Vegan” 

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