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Episode 117: Our favorite 2014 Episodes and funny stories that will have you laughing all day

Mike & Sincere discuss their favorite episodes and guests of 2014, and share why you should go back and listen to those episodes again., as well as the following:

  • Mike’s sprinting drama with his next door neighbor
  • Why we are fans of Bas Rutten’s O2 trainer
  • Why being your own brand is not as risky a most my think
  •  What Mike learned about securing his brand, as well as the problem with paying for endorsements
  • The key words and phrases no man should ever use
  • The need to end trends & buzzwords such as “bio-hacking”, “butter in coffee”, and others
  • Why you should listen to the LLA episodes with Aurora Colello, Amy Dumas (aka Lita), Clarence Bass, Charles Poliquin, Freddy Madball, John Joseph, Don & Ted Ryce, Melya Kaplan, and others
  • Why shirtless fitness pros and nipple-tweaking is not necessary for the fitness industry
  • Why social media is killing trainer-client confidentiality, as well as fitness pro credibility
  •  Why Mike is the undisputed king of knowing quotes from the movie “Heat,” & why you will never defeat him

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