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Episode 14: Top Strength Coach Charles Staley

Be sure to check out Episode 14 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast (, which is now available for your downloading & listening pleasure. This week, we are joined by renown strength coach, Charles Staley (

Part One: Charles joins us this week to discuss:

  • Charles explains why he has not been as visible in the “fitness business” public eye
  • How Charles is rebounding in the biz after personal setbacks
  • What many fitness pros & the band Hollywood Undead have a lot in common
  • Knowing when and what to outsource, in your business
  • Charles shares what he learned from the mistakes he made early in his career
  • We discuss the “one” investment all entrepreneurs should be making
  • Charles shares his experience with TRT, Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster, & other supplements
  • Charles shares training tips for the 50+ trainee & how his training has improved with age & experience
  • How focusing more on leaning out has actually helped Charles’s deadlift numbers increase
  • Charles shares his current training routine & how an underrated assistance exercise tip from strength coach Bret Contreras has helped Charles improve his deadlift
  • We discuss the benefit of using a weight belt during barbell lifts and kettlebell sport
  • Tips for jumping into kettlebell sport at “any age”
  • We discuss Marty Gallagher & his book, “The Purposeful Primitive,” & his reply to “The Biggest Loser”