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Episode 149: Addressing joint pain, effective joint health supplements for people and pets, dealing with death, stress and repression the silent killers

This week, Mike & Sincere talk about dealing with death, stress, an on-going injuries. Plus, the guys share tips on deadlifting with speed, Steve Cotter’s training protocol, as well as the following:

  • Mike shares how he addressed an on-going injury & why it’s important to always get a 2nd opinion, in terms of a Dr.’s advice
  • What are the best supplement solutions to address joint issues in humans and pets
  • Mike discusses the loss of his mother, the importance of addressing stress, and why stress is a silent killer
  • Why you should use the mantra “f-ck off” more often
  • Why everything you think is real is really an illusion, and why knowing this can actually work in your favor
  • How may moderate cardio and creatine aid in cardio vascular health
  • Why Steve Cotter’s training protocol most likely is NOT for you
  • What you can learn in terms of deadlifting via speed and a certain dip/leg drive

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