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Episode 154: Elite Strength Coach Charles Poliquin on the importance of DHEA, pre-workout cortisol, and neurotransmitter testing

Top strength expert and highly sought-after coach, Charles Poliquin, returns to discuss the following:

  • The guys discuss the recent win by Holly Holm over Ronda Rousey
  • Charles shares his view of adding powerlifting to MMA strength and conditioning
  • Why is Charles a fan of neurotransmitter testing in order to evaluate and program for athletes
  • Charles shares the qualities of a good coach (as well as a smart trainee)
  • The guys talk fake weight plates and how fitness magazines sell the lie of hard training
  • Why has Charles given up on viewing testosterone as an anabolic marker in male athletes
  • Why is Charles a big fan of DHEA and why males should strive to have optimal DHEA
  • When is the best time to train, in order to make more gains
  • Why is it important to plan for success, in terms of your training
  • When is cortisol actually your best friend
  • Charles shares his feelings on alcohol and/or marijuana and anabolism. You may be surprised by his response
  • Charles shares some of his preferred recovery methods
  • What are some of the evolutions in training Charles has discovered at 54 compared to other years
  • How does Charles train, according to where he travels & why should you train where criminals train
  • Charles shares his views of the recent terrorist acts in Paris

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