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Episode 160: Dr. Mark Gordon on testosterone and why many men of all ages have low levels and what can be done about it

Dr. Mark Gordon is a pioneer in hormone testing and replacement in victims of traumatic brain injury & has now treated scores of brain-injured patients, balancing their deficient hormones and achieving remarkable recovery, even in patients who are years out from their original injury. Dr. Gordon returns to discuss the following:

  • Dr. Gordon discusses his thoughts on the recent phenomenon of young men experiencing low testosterone
  • Is there a correlation between head trauma and hormonal deficiencies
  • How does toxicity in the environment play a part in disrupting the endocrine system
  • What is the connection to high blood pressure and low testosterone levels
  • Why if you are exhibiting the behavior of a toddler, you may need to get your DHEA checked immediately
  • Dr. Gordon shares his opinion on utilizing medicinal marijuana to treat TBI or PTSD
  • Is there a connection between marijuana and low testosterone
  • How may Viagra be a life-saving drug (& it’s not for the obvious reason)
  • Dr. Gordon discusses the movie “Concussion,” the NFL, as well as the effects of head trauma’s effect on testosterone in MMA athlete’

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