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Episode 162: CNS exhaustion and how to recover from it, benefits of calorie fluctuation strategies, should you take theanine?

This week, Mike & Sincere discuss the following:

  • How to manage caffeine stimulation via theanine
  • How CNS exhaustion plays a major role in hindering training goals & how to counteract it
  • Why Dr. Fred Hatfield’s Zig Zag dieting approach is very beneficial
  • Why is Sincere the carbohydrate anti-Christ
  • The guys discuss the flawed idea of cheat meals and moderation
  • How can a quote from the philosopher Rumi, help you help others more effectively
  • Why simply being good at something is not enough
  • What you can learn from Sevendust, Megadeth, and others, regarding keeping things relevant
  • Why did the guys end the show discussing 3 dimensional camel toes

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