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Episode 167: Ted Ryce on bodyweight training, isometrics, BJJ, and the pros and cons of the personal development industry

Fitness pro, Ted Ryce, returns to the LLA Show to discuss the following:

  • What are the pros and cons of the personal development industry
  • How negative events in your life can be the biggest boost in your life
  • Ted shares how Brazilian jiu jitsu helped him snap through the fear of taking risk in other aspects of his life
  • Should you share your goals publicly & is there any substance to writing down specific goals
  • Mike & Ted discuss how men can get more tail than a toilet seat
  • Ted shares how his current training programming has him excited, although he admits to not be very good at it
  • Can isometrics be the next trend in fitness and overall health in strength training
  • Ted shares how his “Be The Change” movement is helping to find missing children and adults
  • Why there those claim to be pro-capitalism but are actually pro-socialism

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