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Episode 17: Lifting Depression author Kelly Lambert, Ph.D

Episode 17 of The Live Life Aggressively podcast is another great episode, as we discuss a topic that affects or has affected all of us in some form or fashion; depression. Depression can be very detrimental to our career, personal life, mental health, as well as our physical health and training programs.

On this episode, Dr. Kelly Lambert (http://, a highly regarded expert in the field of behavioral neuroscience and author of the critically acclaimed book “Lifting Depression” & the newly released “Lab Rat Chronicles’ joins us, on this week’s LLA podcast.

Part One: Kelly joins us to discuss the following topics:

  • How a more automated world contributes to depression
  • How movement has played the part in the evolution of our species, as well as its role in alleviating depression
  • Which types of movement is essential to assisting the alleviation of mental illness
  • Why utilizing you hands can serve as a “mental health vitamin”
  • Why cooking could be a lot more beneficial than just feeding alleviating hunger
  • What Kelly views as the biggest benefit of meditation
  • The Karma and “Revenge of The Nerds”
  • The unspoken importance of physical activity school kids and how it’s affecting student’s academic performance,
  • What the Netherlands can teach us how less homework can improve education and mental health in the U.S.
  • Addressing the controversy of the issue of the rush to medication to address mental health issues
  • When “talk therapy’ is beneficial and when it can be a detrimental crutch
  • The importance for having a game plan to address mental health, just as having a game plan for physical health
  • Addressing the concerns of misdiagnoses of ADHD and Autism
  • How optimum DHEA levels play an important part in managing stress levels & cognitive abilities
  • Why little bouts of sadness is not necessarily a bad thing and not necessarily considered major forms of depression
  • How protecting kids with the “everyone gets a trophy” theory has as negative effect on their latter life

Part Two: Mike & Sincere discuss:

  • Mike & Sincere discuss the “microwave society”
  • The problems when “self-reliance” is ignored or no longer accepted
  • What Maya Angelou can teach you about those who betray you in life
  • The harsh reality of Facebook friends
  • Clicking the “Like” button from the grave?
  • The worst times to check email
  • Rob Van Damme’s unforgettable appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show & how he evolved from that era
  • The 36 year old whose friends are 21
  • How to avoid “Old Man/Woman Syndrome”
  • What you can learn from Tina Turner on “choosing” to not be a slave to your age
  • The battle of 18 year old Mike & Sincere vs. 39 & 40 year old Mike and Sincere
  • Minimalism in training, business, and life
  • The beauty of failure and how it helps others succeed