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Episode 177: Steve Cotter returns to discuss his current training regimen, the importance of foot strength, and prioritizing flexibility

Top strength coach, Steve Cotter, returns to discuss the following:

  • Steve shares his experience teaching in the growing fitness market in Asia
  • What is the state of kettlebell sport in Asia
  • Steve discusses what his daily training regimen currently looks like
  • Steve discusses yoga, Seane Corn, Rodney Yee, and Anna Forest
  • How does Steve address mobility, during long flights
  • How has Steve used yoga to address foot strength & why is this important
  • What can we learn from Kenyans and human movement, and why what we may think is flawed
  • What’s the difference between “f-ck you” vs. “f-ck me” money
  • Why may there be push back against recovery tools such as float chambers
  • Steve shares his view on movement coaches, such as Ido Portal, Mike Fitch, and Erwan Le Corre
  • Why is Steve a fan of the mace

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