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Episode 184: Ryan Andrews on transitioning from a bodybuilding lifestyle to a life focused on volunteering, plant-based eating, and helping others

Ryan Andrews is a competitive bodybuilder turned registered dietitian, yoga instructor, and volunteer organic farmhand, Ryan trained at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, Kent State University, and the University of Northern Colorado. He’s authored/co-authored several books and has worked with Precision Nutrition for 7 years. Ryan joins the LLA Show to discuss the following:

  • How did Ryan transition from a bodybuilding lifestyle to a life focused on volunteering, plant-based eating, and focusing on the needs of others
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes many make when transitioning to a plant-based diet
  • Ryan shares his views of folks new to plant-based eating who may get caught up in the “social media diet savior” complex
  • How does Ryan address those who focus too much on the macro aspect of a plant-based diet
  • How does Ryan address the proverbial “protein” question
  • What are the key points that Ryan recommends to clients focusing on a plant-based diet
  • What is Ryan’s opinion of supplements
  • How does Ryan address clients who may have issues with lectins and digestive issues
  • What are the top nutrient deficiencies Ryan sees in those who follow a plant-based diet & how does he address this issue
  • Ryan shares how he got involved with volunteer work in Africa and how he helped shape his current outlook of life

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