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Episode 23: Nutrition Supplement Expert Anthony Roberts

Anthony Roberts ( is who Mike likes to refer to as, the “Walter Cronkite of the supplement industry.” Anthony is the go-to guy with all things ethical and “unethical” in the behind-the-scenes world of the supplement industry. Anthony also shares both sides of the never-ending steroid and performance enhancing drugs issue.

During this week’s Live Life Aggressively podcast, Anthony joins Mike & Sincere to discuss:

  • What poplar supplement company’s product is reportedly linked to hepatitis
  • What are some of the necessary steps you have to go through in order to be an ethical company in the supplement business
  • How Anthony played an important part in Mike’s creation of his Aggressive Strength Testosterone Booster 
  • Anthony shares what he thinks is one of the greatest supplements he’s ever tried and why
  • Anthony tries to help clear the confusion surrounding the current Progenix lawsuit
  • Is the “grass-fed” whey protein powder craze really just another supplement scam?
  • Why Monsanto may play a part in the final episode of “The Walking Dead”
  • Anthony has an honest discussion about the pros and cons of steroid use, Lyle Alzado (NFL), Chris Benoit (WWE), and the a family from “Bigger, Stronger, Faster”
  • Why “emotional attachments” to certain stories in sports are mostly the basis behind the general public perception of outrage against steroid use, than actual medical and/or scientific facts 
  • Why a certain bright-smiling top-level politician who’s done his own fair share of cheating should be the last person to condemn professional baseball players from using PEDs
  • Are there actually health benefits to steroid use? If so, what are they?
  • The myth of being afraid to take action because you are afraid of becoming successful
  • The real reason Mike stomps his feet before heavy deadlifts