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Episode 251: The best immune system boosting/anti-Corona supplements & why we came back

Mike and Sincere make their long-awaited return for season 2 of the LLA Show, right smack in the middle of a global pandemic. So, it is only fitting that the premiere episode for the return of the show addresses choosing the ideal supplements to help guard your immune system from viruses.

Also, we discuss how to care for your pet, during a pandemic, as well as, how not to get caught up in the next toilet paperpocolypse. All of this, plus the following:

  • Mike talks about his recent therapy sessions
  • Mike shares steps to improve your immune system during a pandemic
  • The top supplements that boost your immune system
  • How to care for your pet, during the Coronavirus
  • The guys discuss why they brought the LLA back & share upcoming guests & topics

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