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Episode 32: Top strength coach and founder of monkey bar gym Jon Hinds

Jon Hinds ( is the founder of Monkey Bar Gym, inventor of Lifeline USA equipment, bodyweight strength coach, & vegan athlete. For over 30 years, Jon has successfully trained a variety of clients, from NBA and major league baseball players, to the everyday hard-working joe and jane, to some of the top celebrities in Hollywood.

During episode #32 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast, Jon joins Mike & Sincere to discuss:

  • Jon shares how the early days of his career training celebrities, professional athletes, and helping clients make amazing transformations helped create his Monkey Bar Gym training system
  • Jon’s secrets to training celebrities and the most common mistakes many trainers make when focusing on training celebrities 
  • What’s the connection between Jon’s company, Lifeline USA, Jon’s dad, & former mob boss, John Gotti?
  • What are the benefits of training with resistance bands vs. weights
  • What training equipment has consistently improved Jon’s jump training for the past 15 years and how
  • How Jon effectively utilizes bodyweight training with kettlebells and why
  • How Jon first connected with Sincere and Mike in the fitness industry
  • Jon shares the events that led him to shift his focus to a plant-based diet & how it affected his training and lifestyle
  • Jon’s biggest mistakes in his earlier approach to a plant-based diet & how he corrected it 
  • How Jon has helped to grow his Monkey Bar Gym’s in 5 continents and growing
  • Jon shares how he maintains his diet regimen in spite of a consistent global travel schedule
  • What listeners can learn from Mike, Jon, and Sincere’s individual diet choices
  • What was said during the show that may tick off some nutritionists 
  • Why calories don’t matter as much as most may think, as well as how the guys feel about the IIFYMs diet (If it fit’s your macros)
  • What you don’t know about some of those fitness models featured in those inspirational quote memes often shared on social media