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Episode 33: benefits of systemic enzymes, does homeopathic HGH work? Addressing adrenal fatigue

This week’s listener Q&A segment of episode 33 of the twice-weekly broadcast of the Live Life Aggressively podcast is available right now. During this episode, Mike & Sincere discuss:

  • Does taking systemic enzyme, such as Restorezyme simultaneously with digestive enzymes, effectively reduce inflammation and why
  • When is the best time to take Betaine HCL, for breaking down protein in the digestive system
  • How effective is homeopathic HGH & IGF-1 vs. injections and why
  • What supplement & activity could give you a 30-40% boost in IGF-1 production
  • When it’s not the best idea to “Go BIG” with your business, in order to compete with larger companies
  • What you can learn from Dr.’s mistakes, in terms of customer service
  • What fundamentalism becomes futile in business and in life
  • Who are the ideal people that should buy your products & why
  • Why PubMed and other various studies are a blessing and a curse
  • The latest findings regarding coffee and reductions in post workout soreness
  • Mike’s favorite supplements for addressing adrenal fatigue
  • Can women benefit from Mike’s testosterone booster & what supplements Mike recommends for women