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Episode 43: Charles Poliquin on hormone optimization, inflammation, and improving grip strength

It was awesome having world renown strength coach Charles Poliquin on the LLA Podcast this week 

Charles Poliquin ( is one of, if not “the” most sought-after strength & conditioning coaches worldwide. He has coached some of the top professional athletes, including well-known NHL players, Olympic athletes, and NFL players. Charles is also the creator of “The Poliquin Principles.”

During episode #43 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast, Charles joins Mike & Sincere to discuss:

  • What happened to Charles’s business & what the heck is he doing in Spain
  • Charles talks hormone profiling, inflammation, and answers the question, “Do these pants make me look fat?” for men and tells them why
  • Charles explains when supplements are most needed, and it’s probably NOT when you would think
  • Why Charles feels most athletes/trainees are not training enough
  • Charles shares how Steven Segal can help feed the entire country of Somalia
  • Why and when does Charles feel an athlete should train to the point of depression
  • What is the most important component most athletes/trainees overlook in a training program and why most goals are often missed without this key tool
  • What’s the one question every trainer should ask a client wanting a quick- fix training program and expecting fast results
  • How did Charles help a famous NHL athlete not only get in shape, but keep his job and get a salary increase within a month
  • What we can learn about human nutrition from tigers
  • Charles shares his success training tips for 3 specific types of athletes/trainees & how you can apply this to your training or your clients
  • What books does Charles recommend. You will be surprised by his answer
  • Charles shares the correlation between a kick in the nads & double blind studies
  • What’s the one thing that would be “non-negotiable” if Charles ran an Olympic training facility
  • What mistakes did Charles learn about program design from his client athletes from the 1992 Olympics
  • Why your grip strength is closely connected to your genetics & what are your options for improving your grip strength
  • Why food is the new performance enhance drug
  • Why Charles has adopted a black panther, lion cubs, and 3 small leopards
  • 3 words you need to know: Virgin Sex Therapist

Links & Resources:

1. Super Strength Books –
2. “The One Thing” by Gary Keller
3. “59 Seconds” by Richard Wiseman
4. Serenity Springs Wildlife Refuge –
5. Charles’s Facebook Page: