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Episode 49: Successful entrepreneur and bootcamp franchise creator Kent Pumpa

Kent Pumpa ( is a successful entrepreneur, bootcamp franchise creator, coach, business mentor, and fitness branding expert based in Sydney Australia.

During episode #49 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast, Kent joins Mike & Sincere to discuss:

  • How did Kent’s upbringing, participation in sports, and past career help forge his current business
  • Kent shares how busy trainers can effectively train their clients and themselves, while successfully building their business
  • What is the importance of finding a mentor when one starts a new career path & how it helped Kent
  • Kent tells us how he went from employee, to shareholder, to eventual owner of his current bootcamp franchise
  • How does Kent utilize various income streams and effective, focused branding to build his fitness business
  • What does Kent do in order to divert the possibilities of his coaches leaving his companies to venture out and become his competition or work for his competition & what any entrepreneur looking to expand can learn from Kent’s experience
  • Why is it important to help others around you become successful
  • How does Kent maintain member integrity in large bootcamp settings?
  • What is the importance of finding your own niche in order to consistently build your business
  • Kent explains the importance of post education support for his certifications & how most certs get it wrong
  • How he still remains connected to former clients
  • How Kent helps his coaches understand and utilize social media to increase their biz
  • Kent shares how the smaller fitness business owners can compete with the low price big box gyms
  • How does Kent effectively incorporate kettlebells in his classes & how what are some of the mistakes you can avoid, when adding such dynamic training tools to your business model
  • And what in the blue hell is an online certified kettlebell MMA coach?
  • Before you order something off that dollar menu, be sure to listen to this
  • Why you may be a training system snob and why you should stop dissing certain questionable Crossfit technique