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Episode 52: Jon Lipsey, former editor for Mens Fitness UK and fitness branding expert

Jon Lipsey ( & is the former editor of Men’s Fitness Magazine UK, fitness brand architect, & founder of Emote Media and Reward3. Jon is also a passionate olympic weighlifter and is training to qualify for the U.K. national weighlifting championships.

During Episode #52 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast, Jon joins Mike & Sincere to discuss:

  • Jon shares the highs and lows of working at Men’s Fitness UK magazine
  • Just who “did” Jon have to sleep with to get his job at MFUK?
  • Why self-deprecating is a good skill
  • What prompted Jon to leave Men’s Fitness magazine at a time where he helped take it to its largest global readership of all time
  • How did Jon lead Men’s Fitness UK to it’s most successful year ever? What did you do differently? What was needed at the time?
  • What entrepreneurs can learn from the Buddha in order to help get their brand message across to potential clients/customers
  • How can coaches and entrepreneur’s best communicate their worth to their potential clients/customers
  • Jon shares why “selling is b.s.”
  • Why being passively called an idiot by his former boss, was actually a good thing for Jon
  • What are the top 3 things that Jon suggests to be a top brand
  • Two words……twitter trolls
  • What is the constant fight for mediocrity & how you should avoid it
  • Why is Jon, Mike, & Sincere discussing “Three Quarter Butt-Warmers?”