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Episode 60: The A.S.S man himself! Top strength coach Jay Ashman on real strength training

Jay Ashman  is an Ohio-based strength coach that started lifting weights in high school after his mom told him, “you should start to lift and fill out more.”

His training background is a mix of experience via an NFL workout in 1998 with the Browns, Division 1 & 2 rugby, Strongman contests, Highland Games and even dabbling in CrossFit for a stint.

Despite not having an extensive formal education about exercise science (aside from a 2 year degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant), Jay’s Ashman Strength System, his transparency on and offline, has helped many of those who follow or work with him, exceed their training goals.

Jay joins Mike & Sincere on episode #60 to discuss:

  • Jay shares his fitness journey from growing up a skinny kid to Crossfit, to the Highland Games, and to his current bodybuilding-based regimen
  • Pop Tarts, Peanut Butter & coaches giving advice clients advice that they don’t follow
  • What is the only highlight you will find in Wooster, Ohio
  • Jay shares how certain injuries turned him away from Crossfit, how he become a Crossfit-hater, and how he feels about Crossfit now
  • MuscleMag magazine reached out to Jay, regarding Bulletproof Coffee. What exactly did he say?
  • Jay shares how he responds to potential clients or fitness pros who question his credibility, despite not having a degree in kinesiology or a C.S.C.S. 
  • Jay discusses the problem with Facebook-related training research
  • Jay shares his experience with Deficit Deadlift training & whether if there is any real benefit to it, or is it just another training distraction
  • How does Jay respond to folks who say “they get bored at the gym”
  • How Jay really feels about the “Gym-selfie” revolution
  • Jay discusses his training program, The A.S.S. Book, what it is, what it isn’t, as well as who has benefited from it (
  • How does Jay utilize providing free content to help build his following and brand
  • What are the 3 most important words in the world, and why it’s probably not what you think
  • Mike shares what is the greatest form of strength & why you should practice it everyday
  • Mike & Sincere share what “really” scares them
  • What is the real problem with using sarcasm
  • Mike & Sincere share their real feeling concerning fraternities, sororities, and hazing
  • What would Tupac sound like if he were of Indian descent? Mike happily answers that question

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