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Episode 78: Top Strength Coach Steve Maxwell Part 2 on the RKC, TRX, and his regimen for longevity

  • Steve looks back at the early days of the RKC and how he feels about it now
  • At what point did Steve feel the early days of the RKC became an unhealthy environment
  • When & why almost any training program (even the bad ones) will work
  • What does Steve think of the new standout coaches of the RKC, such as Al Kavadlo & Josh Henkin
  • What is the de facto exercise Steve refers to as a test for body composition
  • How Steve is like the Larry King of the fitness industry
  • After 5 decades of training, what are the fitness trends that stand out the most to Steve, including the good and bad
  • Steve shares his opinions of the TRX
  • Steve discusses training for strength vs. “demonstrating” for strength & how many trainees (& coaches) confuse the two
  • Steve shares his daily health regimen in order to maintain longevity
  • Steve, Mike, & Sincere share tips on how to deal with the rude airplane passengers who recline their seats into your lap
  • Steve discusses how doing this one thing on the floor can help determine your risk factors for deteriorating health
  • Why is Steve a fan of ferrets and what you can learn from them
  • What Steve learned from the Okinawans in terms of the 80% rule & why that diet regimen may be a lot harder to adhere to in the West
  • Why the quote “Feed a cold, starve a fever” is totally wrong
  • What’s Steve’s advice for eating at buffets 

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