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Episode 83: Top Strength Coach Marcus Smith on the Crossfit games and myths about genetics

Marcus Smith, the founder of Innerfight ( is a former rugby player and is now one the most respected strength & conditioning coaches in the world. He is widely considered one of the fittest men in the Middle East, and competes in the Crossfit Games. Listen in to part 1 of this two part episode, as Marcus discusses the following with Mike & Sincere:

  • Marcus shares how he ended up in Dubai and describes its fitness scene
  • Marcus shares how the obesity rate is rising in Dubai
  • How Crossfit and MMA are rising in the Dubai region
  • What Marcus loves about Crossfit, while not drinking the “Crossfit kool-aid”
  • Why Marcus and the InnerFight team try to avoid the holiday/big event dieters 
  • Why Marcus is not into “well-being”
  • What are the biggest challenges Marcus faces when working and speaking with corporate clients
  • What the truth and myths about genetics

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