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Episode 84: Part 2 Strength Coach Marcus Smith

Listen in on Pt. 2 of our chat with Marcus Smith, the founder of Innerfight (, professional former rugby player, strength & conditioning coach & widely considered one of the fittest men in the Middle East, & high level Crossfit Games competitor. Listen in to part 2 of this two part episode, as Marcus discusses the following:

  • Marcus gives elevator communication tips that even Beyonce’s sister & Jay Z can appreciate
  • Marcus shares how he got into Crossfit and competing in the Crossfit Games
  • What particular exercise almost ruined Marcus’s 15+ hours Crossfit Regionals travel experience 
  • Why did Marcus’s wife tell Marcus to “Put his tongue away?”
  • Marcus gives us insight on the upcoming NPFL (National Pro Fitness League)
  • Why Marcus is not interested in starting a “bucket list”

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