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Episode 99: Claudia Altucher best selling co-author of The Power of No on taking charge of your life

Claudia Altucher is a Wall Street Journal, Amazon, & USA Today best-selling co-author of “The Power of No,” which she co-wrote with her husband, James Altucher. The avid yoga lover & teacher is also a speaker and has penned her own book, “21 Things To Know Before Starting An Ashtanga Pracice.” During this episode, Claudia joins us to talk about the importance & health benefits of learning how to say “No,” how to avoid psycho potential boyfriends and girlfriends, the benefits of creating a account, even if you’re not Jewish, as well as the following:

  • What Ice T thinks of the Aggressive Strenth Testosterone Booster 
  • What did a prescription from Ice T’s psychiatrist have to do with the “Power of No?”
  • Claudia explains why you should practice the art of saying “No” everyday
  • Mike shares his favorite episode of “Sex & The City” 
  • How is television a breeding ground for learning how to say “No”
  • What are the benefits of Sincere’s “bathroom meditation” & why Claudia is not a fan of the word “meditation”
  • How do you respond to someone who does not support your ideas and goals
  • Why the idea of “going to college” is like a new form of religion 
  • What Claudia’s story of kicking “Jake” to the curb can teach you about following your instincts & avoiding a lifetime of potential misery
  • What is the real reason most women can’t find a “good man” & vice versa
  • What is Claudia’s particular relationship with suicide & at what time in Claudia’s life did she want to die
  • Claudia shares the importance of going on a “complaint” fast & why you should start right now
  • Claudia shares how to go into “A.B.C. Mode” when someone tries to manipulate you

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