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High intensity cardio options to ramp up fat loss and conditioning

Aggressive Strength Q&A 2-10-16

I know you’re a big fan of sprinting for conditioning and fat loss. Are there other examples of high intensity cardio workouts you recommend?

Yes check out the following options which should be completed two times per week such as Tuesday and Friday.

10×10 Barbell Squat Program

Often referred to as German Volume Training and popularized by top strength coach Charles Poiquin, with GVT you take 60% of your one rep max and complete ten sets of ten. For conditioning, I recommend starting lower with 50% of your one rep max and take shorter breaks such as one-minute breaks between sets. When you can complete all ten sets with the same weight, reduce the breaks to forty-five seconds. After you can complete ten sets with the shorter breaks, add 10lbs to the bar and go back to sixty-second breaks.

10×25 with Hindu Squats

I love Hindu squats. They really target the quads and calves and can be completed anywhere. Perfect for busy travelers or just busy people in general.
Start with ten sets of twenty-five with one-minute breaks. When you can complete all ten sets, move up to 30 reps. Have a goal of working up to ten sets of fifty with one-minute breaks.

Double Kettlebell Swings for 10×15

As an avid kettlebell user, no series of conditioning recommendations would be complete without a kettlebell program. Double kettlebell swings get the job done and I like to do them outside the feet for greater freedom of motion and to load up the legs more. You may find that inside the feet is more comfortable for you and that is fine.

Shoot for ten sets of fifteen with ninety-second breaks. When you can complete all ten sets, reduce the breaks to sixty-seconds. From there, you can add reps or reduce breaks to increase the intensity.