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The benefits of the adrenal energizer Rhodiola Rosea

  • Helps balance the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system.*
  • Strengthens immunity*
  • Battles depression*
  • Lowers anxiety*
  • Improves exercise performance*
  • Supports fat loss*
  • Increases mental focus and alleviates brain fog*
  • Helps with caffeine withdrawal*
  • Protects neurons from oxidative stress*
  • Activates the synthesis and re-synthesis of the main energy source ATP*
  • Boosts sex drive and function*
  • Assists with workout recovery and restoration*
  • Supports muscle protein synthesis and anabolism*
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels which are key in stable energy levels*
  • Improves thyroid function for improved metabolism and hormonal health*
  • Reduces inflammation and c-reactive protein levels*

Optimal Rhodiola is standardized to have a minimum of 3% total rosavins and minimum 1% salidrosides which are the exact standardization used in all of the studies.