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LLA Premium episode #13 Scott Shetler on fitness pro fallacies, mental health issues, effects of supplements on mood

Patreon Premium Episode #13 is now available for download for premium LLA Show subscribers, as top strength coach Scott Shetler joins us to discuss the following:

  • We discuss the ever-growing trend of so-called fitness pros overly-utilizing sex to sell fitness
  • The guys talk Chris Cornell’s recent death, mental health, brain chemistry, and the effects of supplements on mental health
  • What did top strength coach Brooks Kubik tell Mike, in terms of the need for recovery
  • What can we learn from Charles Poliquin, in terms of working hard on your craft, and not being so focused on starting your career at the top
  • Why does Sincere have an issue with time travel, and if he could go back in time to stop slavery, he’d take a pass
  • What philosophy taught by personal protection expert Tim Larkin can help alleviate most dangerous or negative encounters
  • Why your strongest gym moments never translate to the poorest porn scene

All this and much more:

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