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LLA Premium Episode #19: The Las Vegas shooting, the importance of preparing for trauma, the one life saving item you should always have

Patreon Premium Episode #19 is now available for download for premium LLA Show subscribers, as Mike & Sincere discuss the Las Vegas shooting, Mike’s reaction to the event from a Las Vegas perspective, plus the following:

  • What is the one thing the mainstream media fails to discuss in terms of the Las Vegas shooting
  • Is there a possible bright side to events such as the Las Vegas shooting
  • Why some concealed carrying keyboard warriors need to take a seat, in regards to the Las Vegas tragedy
  • What is the one (or maybe more than one) lifesaving item you should keep in your pocket on a daily basis
  • Instead of spending money on the next “greatest” certification or fitness workshop, what’s a better class that you can attend this weekend that will be more life-changing for you and others
  • What valuable lessons can be learned from changing a flat tire (other than the obvious)
  • Why “bug out bags” are not just for preppers
  • Why Mike’s dad is not the go-to guy, in terms of being prepared
  • How are most of us more like comedian/activist/actor Russell Brand than we care to admit

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