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LLA Premium Episode #4: Best nootropic combo for pre-workout, infrequent training benefits, healthy snack options

Check it out! Mike & Sincere return for Patreon Subscriber-Only Premium Episode #4 to discuss the following:

  • The best ingredients to make your own nootropic that is better than anything on the market and won’t break the bank
  • What do you do when you cannot find PowerDrive online, in terms of getting a brain boost
  • Mike shares his top healthy snack options
  • How to get the jump on January 1st and how you can make Sincere’s 52 week veggie challenge work for you
  • Why you need to get over your carb and gluten-phobia
  • The guys discuss the benefits of training once every 10-14 days
  • What is the most optimal frequency to press, during your weekly training program
  • How much protein is enough

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