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Mike Mahler on Myths and Misunderstandings of the Vegan Diet on Scott Shetler’s strength and health podcast

Episode 20: Mike Mahler on Myths and Misunderstandings of the Vegan Diet.

Mike Mahler is a vegan strength enthusiast and hormone optimization, researcher. A renowned kettlebell training instructor, author, and co-host of the Live Life Aggressively Podcast, Mike currently works full time on his Aggressive Strength supplement line in addition to providing health and fitness-related content through his website, newsletter, and social media.

To learn more about Mike’s supplement line, sign up for his newsletter, check out his products and articles, and link to his social media visit his website at

Show Notes:

  • Mike’s background, introduction to his supplement line, and why he went vegan.
  • Misconceptions of the vegan diet.
  • Thoughts on the Game Changers documentary.
  • Protein recommendations Mike got from former Mr. Olympia Dr. Franco Columbu.
  • Why food combining to form complete proteins is unnecessary.
  • Tips for those looking to adopt a plant-based diet.
  • Exciting news for fans of the Live Life Aggressively Podcast Mike co-hosts with Sincere Hogan.
  • I hope you enjoyed this episode and if you have any suggestions for future topics and show guests please email me at

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