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Mike Mahler on the courage to be yourself on the The Legendary Life Podcast

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How To Share Your Unpopular Opinion (Without Being An Asshole)
  • How to be happy: Compassion is a strength, not a weakness …
  • Leadership: Do You Know What You Stand For?
  • How the People Around You Affect Personal Success
  • Motivation Is Overrated
  • Don’t hold back
  • How Flotation Tanks Can Help You
  • Deadlift Dominance: 3 Tips For Massive Pulling Power
  • Why traveling is essential to personal development
  • A testosterone booster that actually works
  • Are your testosterone levels low?
  • Signs of Low Testosterone in Men
  • What is money, really?
  • What Mike is doing to keep his edge
  • Thanks for Listening!

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