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Mike Mahler on the Jimmy Smith Podcast discussing hormone optimization

  • The importance of optimal testosterone levels rather than setting for the normal range 
  • Why free testosterone is often low in hard training athletes 
  • Why you don’t need less stress but more stress management reserves 
  • Restoration and why many diminish the importance to their detriment 
  • PC culture and its negatives effects on testosterone 
  • Why you must optimize the entire sex hormone chain not just testosterone 
  • Pros and cons of TRT and when it is useful 
  • The importance of training for performance to stay motivated 
  • What most people skip every night which improves insulin and leptin sensitivity 
  • The best hormone testing methods and the pitfalls of the most common ones 
  • Why you don’t want to drive estrogen levels too low 
  • Why is estrogen dominance in men so prolific 

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